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par / pa: / pera / ˈpɪərə / Latin noun, translates to “fair wallet”

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Parpera was founded in 2020 and seeks to solve a significant problem faced by businesses, globally.

We're a fast-growing community backed Australian fintech that's building a money management platform to empower people to better manage and grow their business in today’s digital economy.

We've raised AUD2.6m in equity funding and have assembled a global high-performing and experienced team across Sydney, Melbourne, and London to deliver our purpose.

Banking-as-a-service deal: Parpera uses Railspay, Volt for deposits

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We’re purpose-led, and are building a strong, motivated and experienced team of people who are values-aligned and passionate about re-thinking the way people interact with financial services, and the role they play in the way we do business and live our lives.